Monday 21 January 2013

Monday Moodboard

Bright colours are usually mood changing. From being grumpy, you can instantly be the happiest person by being surrounded by colors. You should always have some color around you besides the blacks and greys, as it makes everything interesting. A bright orange accessory or these stunning red boots, they will spice up your outfit and make you happier. Also others will be noticing how colorful you are and will be complimenting. So this week, take out your brightly colored clothes and accessories and stand out from the crowd!

The trees- EinBierBitte
Sewing Machine Locket Necklace - LaurasJewellery
Nectarine Ceramic Flower Ring - damsontreepottery
Green and Yellow Ceramic Ring - azulado
Needle Felt Heart Brooch - azzaph
Olive Green Felted Mittens - AgnesFelt

A few days before Christmas, our Etsy friend, Sandra lost her husband to cancer. It was discovered in an advanced state and he was gone in a matter of months, forty years old. Sandra and her husband were self employed as restorers of historical tiles, so seven or eight months before his death they weren't able to work. He, too ill, she, taking care of him. They have a five years old boy.

Sandra's Etsy team, EST spirit wants to help her, and so we are organizing a raffle to collect money. There are more than FIFTY prizes to be won, all of them donated by her team members. We will run this raffle for ten days, and at the end of these ten days, more than FIFTY WINNERS will get a prize. There are items for women, men and children, for every taste. To win, you can buy tickets for 5 USD.
You check it out HERE!

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