Friday 28 June 2013

Friday Night Outfit

Rainy side of the life ....

Dear Readers,

it's summer - this is a good news, over the exams, school almost finished (one more week and vacation)
BUT  it's raining and raining and it was rain yesterday and it will be rain tomorrow.....

First you need a gorgeous dress by MAStreetWear. I would choose the black one, because of my dark mood and cheer up with red accessories. The decision is yours:)
I guess I need an umbrella, a real huge and happy piece from Strazor.
I shiny enamel earrings by GarnetRoses and a unique ceramic heart with leather necklace by Ceraminic.
Just in case a beautiful and warm knitted lace shawl by KnittyStories.

Look what I found, a gorgeous shoes:

You can find more United Nude desing shoes and accessories for women and men.

Good Bye with a card,


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