Friday 30 August 2013

Friday Night Outfit

Well hello there friday! School has started for most but there are some of those lucky ones who still have this coming weekend to enjoy the last bit of their summer holiday. When school starts it seems like all the bright colours disappear from our wardrobe and only greys, black and browns remain. Darker colours. Let's stand out and keep the other lighter colours in our wardrobe this year while still make it school and fall appropriate, shall we?
So this friday night a pop of blue is the perfect colour to add to your brown pants an shoes. Let's have fun this friday ladies!

Blue ceramic earrings - LemoneRouge
Blue blouse - altmeansold
Brown Scarf - CLAMORED
Vintage Porcelain - VintagePolkaDotcom
Women's Brown Shoes - PrettyVintage90
Brown Pants - Picarona

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