Wednesday 20 July 2016

Spoken Cabinets

Dear Reader,

I always wanted to work with old furniture. I think making something new from the old one is an amazing experiment. How can we start? If you have an old piece at home or at your parent's home maybe it is the best for first practice or you an go to a garage sale or antique store to buy one.
Searching is first here and there, collected ideas at my Pinterest Bord.

You have to make a decision what technique you would like to use, what style. Painting with template or making a little art, using decoupage technique or combine with other material, just make an antic effect or put a little gold layer on it.....

I found a little shop on Etsy with special colors, wax, oils and of course renewed furniture. One of my favorite piece:


I love fishes and love this cabinet:

It made with decoupage technique and you can read about it more

Painting on wood looks fantastic. 

I wish you a good working day with some happy floral motifs:


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