Monday 28 November 2016

Traditional Red for Christmas

Dear Reader,

I had many different color shame idea for Christmas but the traditional red is really close to my heart.

If we are going to the kitchen we can use candle to make it warmer the grey mornings or the dark evenings:

Farm style table decor:

 Simple new ring for your napkins:

If we are going to the living room and looking for ornaments and decor elements:

For packaging:
You can find all idea at my Pinterst Board.

Today is CYBER Monday, the last day of my BOGO Sale. More details are at my shop.

One more thing:  I can offer one extra little gift, a surprise  ornament. Just send to me a message SURPRISE and the type of my Social Media platform, you read about it:)

Have a  happy day! 


  1. Don't you just love Christmas :)?

  2. Oh yes, I love Christmas best with red decorations too!

  3. Same here, red and green combo is my favorite...Good luck with the promo!

  4. Wonderful christmas items! Love the hearts and the mushrooms!

  5. really a nice post! It smells Christmas and cinnamon all around the place now!
    I love your new avatar by the way...;-)

    1. Thanks Millie, I have to change it tomorrow:(

  6. Wonderful pictures! I love red for Christmas!

  7. love the napkins, great selection. Good luck with the Bogo sale! :)

  8. I think the first picture is a real christmas overload lol! Even inside the cupboards! I do love the red though! Best of luck with the sale!