Monday 26 December 2016

Jar and Glass as a Christmas Decoration

Dear Reader,

Do you have a white Christmas? I was a child and I was so lucky almost every year we had a white Christmas with a beautiful layer of snow. The lakes were frozen and I could skate with my dad.

Nowadays many Christmas called black, no snow just grey and cold everywhere. If we want Christmas feeling, we have to changed our home, bring a little miracle there, light many candle and build a tiny part of snowy village.

One of my favorite trend was this year using a jar or glass as a decoration. I found some idea here:

Just fill the inside things you have at home, bring little snow effect with trees and old car:

candle, star and deer an a little piece of real pine:


just use light and feather (unusual and looks great):

little green with stars:

I just put a Santa with lights:

I ope you celebrate with your family!!! Enjoy the holiday!


  1. These are beautiful!
    We never have snow here, but I'm not such a fan of cold and snow anyways :D

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  3. Great ideas. We live in the north. Here the grass is green

  4. i love this ideas! we went in the mountains to have some snow. it was so fun! At home, we feel like in the early autumn this year... ;-(

  5. Beautiful ideas! We don´t have a White Christmas but it usually is cold. However, this year, we celebrate it with 16ยบ degrees, it's so extrange! People don't look like being in Christmas mood.