Monday 17 October 2016

Fall inspiration

Dear Reader,

I'm an outdoor fan. Do you like, hiking, biking walking? I love these things, nature is the best relaxation and inspiration for me. Especially in fall, when the color of the leaves are changing and the whole forest is beautiful green, yellow, brown, red. I always collect everything for photo shooting, ceramic making or just for fun. I think my family used to it:)

At my ceramic board you can find many nature inspired item. Just a small selection, what I really love.
Colorful flowery bowl with a beautiful gold rim:

Big bowl with leaves print:

Even better, when the back is decorated reach:

Teapot with ginko leaves:

Many green leaves:

Every year I create a special fall collection. All item is OOAK, because there not exist two exactly the same leaf, all of my items are similar but a little bit of different.
You can find them here

All my plates has a dotty background and made with real leaf.

The shapes and the size are different, some is round, other has organic shape.

Have a wonderful fall day!


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  2. Wonderful collection! I love to walk in this time of the year. Leaves and trees have fantastic colors!

  3. Such a wonderful nature inspired collection! Bravo!

  4. What a beauty. I love leaf prints on pottery and elsewhere too. When I went to a pottery workshop some time ago, I made some too. Yours are awesome.

  5. So delicate and cozy things! They will remind about Autumn in Winter!

  6. I love it all! I am a fan of outdoor too...mostly gardening and sitting in the grass though ;)

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  8. Great selection! Your plates are gorgeous!

  9. These are all very beautiful! I love the outdoors every season, but at the moment it's especially inspiring.

  10. Such great finds (including your own!)

  11. Great bowls once again! I like the one with the colorful back!