Monday 3 October 2016


Dear Reader,
Somebody loves cat, other loves dog. If I have a choice, I would live together with a dog than a cat but some reason I made many ceramic cat dishes and only once created a dog Custom Ornament. It may change in the feature but until than, check out what I found in the ceramic word.

Cute kitties as a yarn bowls:

I love cats on the mugs:

Like a DYI project, black and white cat plate:

A little brooch (it maybe just my imagination, did not find the original version):

As a bookmark is so cute:

I collected all in my Pinterest board.
Finally some of mine. Mostly I have black and white version, check them here. I show you some special edition:

Have a kitty day!


  1. Pretty kitty items! Would all be great gifts for a cat lover!

  2. What a sweet kitty things. I would also prefer to live with a dog over cat, but cat designs on ceramic are somehow sweeter.

  3. I love dogs and cats. Very beautiful selection!

  4. The first image made me laugh so much!! Thanks for sharing, some nice gift ideas!

  5. Hihi, I just love this bunch so much :))

  6. Oh my oh my I am a serious cat lady, this is just so perfect!

  7. I love this! They are so adorable!

  8. I love kitties! Very cute finds!

  9. Cats and kittens are really popular - and they are cute! You found some wonderful items to show us.