Thursday 26 January 2017

Nature Inspired

Dear Readers,

Sometimes I'm unsure is it the correct direction. I can continue my way or I have to change things.
I had to realize my blog is full with different topics. I'm still thinking I can show home decor, as my main profile and show special ideas here, on my blog. However I should focus more to my ceramics, what I do every day, what cause me and my customers happiness.
So this is my first clear post. this year.  I started a new line, nature inspired jewelries and accessories. My first rings and hair pins in warm color with leaves and flowers.

My ceramic jewelries at Ceraminic.
You can find more beautiful flowers here.

Have a great day!


  1. I think that is a great decision! love your work, this jewelries and accessories look just awesome!

  2. Beautiful nature inspired pretties! :)

  3. Great collection!
    THis is so femimine and sweet!
    Love it!
    You are right, i try to focus on what i love to share in the blog too but adding one or two time a week a post about my work (wich i did not before, shame on me!).

  4. Love your new line inspired by nature! Fabulous collage!

  5. These are so lovely, nature is the best inspiration!

  6. Never easy to find the correct direction, I'm more and more convinced that as creators, we are always in doubt, but it is also those doubts that keep us moving.
    But yes, your blog should be focusing on your work :)

  7. Good choice! because I love your work and your work in process and everything!
    Great rings, so clean and beautiful

  8. let there be a lot of posts this year

  9. I've alway loved your work and this new collection will make your work even more accessible! The nature inspired elements are so pretty!

  10. Lovely new collection! I am sure it will be a success!

  11. These little gifts are so precious!