Thursday 23 June 2016

Beautiful Kitchen

Dear Readers,

I started something new on my Facebook page. I love my kitchen and all tools that make my life easier in the kitchen or just simple fancy, funny and beautiful. Maybe this is one of the reason I started making ceramics.  My kitchen is cosy and cottage style, maybe this one
Oh no .... it is gorgeous but not mine. I like clear and modern with traditional style. Like this one

Yes, I would like a big place with island and huge windows. My house is a little bit smaller. And yes, wood and white looks gorgeous, I have in my house:) Ok, I tell you, mine is like this

 and I have a huge sink

Almost exactly this one. And finally something own,  a nice size wood cutting board with my new snow white romantic plates

A customer of mine asked dessert plates with different motifs and she chose a hummingbird and a butterfly  design. All is unique, hand shaped and decorated with lace pattern.

A fresh, dark red, crunchy cherry is really your healthy choice and taste is fantastic. I know it for sure.

Have a Happy Day!



  1. Beautiful kitchens...mine is smaller and a bit more colorful but more or less in that style though...
    Your plates are gorgeous!

  2. Lovely kitchens! We have one of those modern ones, which never seems to have enough storage space...
    Love the plates!

  3. I think I like your style of kitchen best!
    Beautiful plates!