Thursday 30 June 2016

Positive Messages

Dear Readers,

Happiness is very important in my life. Sometimes I feel I need confirmation, everything is going well. Sometimes nothing works really good. Life is up and down and we needs positive friends, positive words and positive vibes. The best you and I can do it:

I'm not the only one with this kind of thinking. Krisztina says a beautiful way:

There are days when things are a little harder.
Then there are days filled with peculiar moments.
They fill you up with immense happiness.
You find beauty in everything around you.
Or you simply hate everything,

Positive words are strong. I can fill days (others and mine) with positive words and this is the reason I made elegant little plates with positive words.

I wish you a happy day with one of my favorite quote



  1. Positive words and thoughts are indeed very strong and important!

  2. I love those little plates, even the fact that they're small and cute I think make people more happy about them!