Thursday 29 September 2016

Dear Reader,

This is fall, September is going away soon and we start decorate our house for Halloween. I had a pumpkin painting with my friend today and yes, I'll show you our happy pumpkin faces:)

Every year we sit together and creating new decor pieces and we laugh a lot and sooner or later everybody has to realize painting is not a miracle, we can do it:)

I have some cute Halloween items at my shop too:)

I love witch shoes:

Of course the black cat is one of my favorite:

Have a happy fall weekend and wish you a great preparation!!!


  1. Such a cool idea to paint pumpkins...though I love carving one too. And that kitty is cool!

  2. i love all your ideas!
    It's time also for me to think about the decoration.
    Kids enjoy it so much!

  3. Great selection of Halloween items! Love the craze faced pumpkin :D

  4. they look like yummy cookies!!! so nice!

  5. Great idea painting pumpkins!
    Love your witch shoes too!

  6. Very nice ideas!!Love the shoe with orange ribbon!

  7. What a lovely Halloween selection!