Monday 19 September 2016

Elegant Packaging Ideas - Part 2

Dear Reader,

As I promised before, I'm here with other packaging ideas. We can try dark color, dark blue, dark green and black. These are fantastic together with gold or caramel color, like gingerbread cookies.

I use my Pinterest Board again, let's visit if you would like to know more about these ideas.

Finally some of my Gingerbread Cookies. These are looks great on your Christmas tree and on your gift package as well:)

You can buy these ornaments here
I have some newbies, you are the first, who can see (of course these are for sale too. Feel free to contact with me):

Have a good day!

PS: I may bring more personalized packaging idea, in the future because this is my favorite topic:)


  1. Love these fabulous packaging ideas, and your cookies look so real!

  2. oh WOW! as I've said last time, I'm always using craft paper, but seing these dark packaging, I'm reconsidering changing that this year! Love your biscuit ornaments too :)
    I have some of your ornaments and it's a joy to pack them out every year to decorate our tree :)

  3. Love these ideas! Hope this season will make some of them ;) Thank you!

  4. My favorite colors for Christmas season are red, green and gold, but I LOVE your idea of black packaging, especially with the white snowflakes and the red ribbons.

  5. I love these ideas. thank you for sharing