Thursday 8 September 2016

Lace Ceramic

Dear Reader,

today I'm in a romantic mode and bringing some lace ceramic to you. I love old doilies and I use often when I create my ceramic plates. The old memories are coming back, when I was sitting at home with my mother and looked for some treasures at my grandma's room. She made many crochet doilies and I took them with me to my new home. At my Pinterest Ceramic Board I collected a bunch of them. It seems lace ceramic is very popular, I'm not the only one with this positive feeling:)

This is one of mine first dessert plate  . Elegant Snow white color with a round lace pattern.

Some other with the similar style. A little gold makes it more special.

This one is one of my favorite even I know these plates are not handmade items with "perfect imperfection lace print"

White is very elegant with lace but I really like when the artist is playing with color:

This is one of my most popular plate:

I use the lace motif  when I make other home decoration, like these Christmas Ornaments

Have a romantic day too!


  1. I really like all those plates, but I am a fan of white so the first one is my favorite!

  2. I really like your red and white lace plate, and the Christmas ornaments I'm sure they are a big success

  3. such gorgeous plates! the laced pattern really adds a beautiful touch!

  4. So pretty! Love the lace prints on ceramic!