Monday 5 September 2016

Natural Packaging Ideas - Part 1

Dear Reader,

My thought is more and more around Christmas. I would like to be ready with my collection in time, I have new creative ideas, tones of it and new selling conception too. One little but very important part of the internet selling is the packaging. I have a natural version for all of the year and a special "christmassy", I use Christmas decorated wrapping paper combine with a sweet card.

I have a special Board and I collect there ideas, most of them is DIY, everybody can do something similar at home. I like, if the packaging is personal. I love the preparation time, to chose the right card, ribbons, accessories....  to my family member or friend and I like the best, if I have enough time for the final touch of my gifts.

I bring some natural idea today from my Packaging Board (link above), of course if you visit it, you'll find more.

Cross stitch and embroidery is one of my favorite even in decoration:) 

I love red combined with craft paper but I think green and little leaves look amazing too. Here you go some other combination.

Finally my business packaging:

Have a great day! Thinking creative!

PS:do not forget, Packaging Part 2 is coming soon with elegant ideas!


  1. Thank you for these great ideas! I love the one with stitching paper but it's also the most time consuming!

  2. I also love that brown paper with red for Christmas! Your packaging is great too, easy to make but beautiful!

  3. Love these! I always wrap my christmas gifts in craft paper and use washi tape to decorate them :)

  4. Very original idea. I will packed husband gift

  5. Always looking for a way to dress up my favorite Kraft wrapping paper. Thanks!