Wednesday 28 November 2012

Ceramic Gingerbread Men for Christmas

Ceramic Gingerbread men for christmas! An ideal present for your loved ones or a beautiful decoration for your home. Hand it on your christmas tree, hand it on your front door, these ceramic gingerbread men will immidiately give your home a warm Chirtsmas feeling.

The collection:
- Ceramic Gingerbread Man Ornament
- Set of 2 Little Gingerbread Man Ornaments
- Gingerbread Man with Red Heart Christmas Ornament

Did you know?
- Queen Elizabeth I is believed to be responsible for the first gingerbread man as she had them made to resemble visiting dignitaries and then presented them to the dignitaries as a gift. They taste delicious, don't they? They look just as great! So make sure to have a look at them in my shop!

Monday 26 November 2012

Monday Moodboard

Good Monday! Hope you will have a great week! Here is an inspirational Moodboard to make your monday mornings delightful.

Christmas Cat Art Print - Zyzanna
Red Reindeer Earrings - JujuTreasures
French Tin Box - LucieTalesVintage
Hand Painted Silk Scarf - MKrisArt
Chevron Friendship Bracelet - PaciorkyArtStudio

Wednesday 21 November 2012

Christmas Bells Scavenger Hunt!

Prizes to win!! Yes, you read that right, PRICES, WIN, you!! Here is your chance to win fabulous prices!

There are 6 prize packs (each containing 5 prizes, a $50+ value ). How can you win one? Click HERE to find out!!
There’s also a Super Duper Grand Prize Pack to be won as well! That’s a prize pack valued at over $300!! I bet you don't want to miss out on this one! Click on the link above quick!!

Some amazing prizes to be won in the scavenger hunt:

From my shop: Ceraminic:

From GoviGirl:

From MightyMadgecreations:

Click now HERE and join the Scavenger Hunt!

Monday 19 November 2012

Monday Moodboard

This monday moodboard is inspired by the sunrise. Go out on your balcony every morning, sniff into the fresh air and prepare yourself for a wonderufl day!

Study of a shell - GiftsandStars
Purple Beads Necklace - Sianykitty
Square Purple Ring - Dianthusa
Personalized Owl Pillow - Customquiltsbyeva
Fabirc Flower Hairband - Mapano

Thursday 15 November 2012

Fall Ceramic Plates

It is getting chilly and the leaves are changing colours. The most beautiful time of the year, when all the leaves start falling off. I am amazed by how magnificent this is. 
I have made these ceramic plates inspired by the exquisite falling leaves of the autumn. Make sure to have a look at them in my shop!

Interesting facts about Fall:
Why is the season called "Fall"?
About 500 years ago, when Middle English was spoken, expressions like "fall of the leaf" and "fall of the year" were quite common, and the season name "Fall" comes from them.
- What gives leaves their red color? 
Glucose trapped in the leaves. Brown comes from the waste trapped there.
The red and purple color come from anthocyanin pigments formed in the dying leaves. Its the same pigment which is common in purple grapes, red apples and violets.

Tuesday 6 November 2012

Christmas Gift Auction (CLOSED)

This is your last chance to bid on spectacular finds! Christmas gifts shopping should not be left to the last days before christmas eve! In this auction, HERE you can bid on great christmas gifts for your loved ones!

From my shop: Ceraminic:

4 ceramic christmas ornaments: a lovely gift as well as perfect for your christmas tree this year! Bid on it HERE.

From Drudruchu:

Holly Bobby Pins: very christmasy and creative gift! Bid on it HERE

From Photomom101:

Fall in Kentucky Fine Art Photography on a super low staring bid price just now! Check it out HERE

From Susansbeadhappy:

Cornelian and Sterling Silver Bracelet: a gorgeous gift for that beautiful girl in the family. Bid on it HERE

Monday 5 November 2012

Christmas Gift Auction (CLOSED)

2 more days left to bid! Perfect auction for you to find amazing gifts for christmas. Don't wait till next month, start christmas gifts shopping now! You will see fabulous finds HERE!

From my shop: Ceraminic:

A pair of gingerbread men and a delightful red apple! Bid on them now! HERE

From KayDeaCrafts:

Paula the polar bear; isn't is just so adorable? Perfect gift for a little girl. Bid on it HERE

From PhreshThreadz:
Ice Blue semi-precious opalite moonstone necklace with butterfly pendant. A Beautiful gift for anyone who loves jewelery! Bid on it HERE

Monday Moodboard

The weather is getting frostier and almost all the leaves have fallen off the trees. Snow must be on its way now! Lets start this week with a collection of lovely items inspired by the arrival of the chillier days.

Christmas Wooden Box - MyHouseOfDreams
Chocolate's Heart - IrenkaR
Blue Ceramic Earrings - Azulado
Flower Watercolour Painting - FluidColors
Ceramic Sunflower Earrings - Damsontreepottery

Saturday 3 November 2012

Christmas Gift Auction (CLOSED)

November 1-6, 2012: it is bidding time!!
Since december is only one month away, we can start shopping for christmas gifts for our loved ones. This time of the year is all about caring and love, so make sure to surprise them with something special!
The Promotive Creative Friends are having an Auction right now! So make sure to click HERE to visit the site where you will find wonderful shops having sensational gifts up for auction!

Some beautiful gifts you can bid on:
From my shop: Ceraminic
3 Heart Ornaments:

Bid on it HERE!

From Jewelrush:
Silver Evil Eye Ring:
Bid on it HERE! The starting bid is only $1!

From Pigswife:
Crochet Cat:
Bid on it HERE!

Also make sure to check out the other shops participating in this auction! Have a lovely bidding!