Thursday 29 December 2016


Dear Reader,

it was a time we rented a house with open fireplace. The feeling was amazing, every night in winter time the whole family was together we were sitting and watching the lights. The fire was hot and beautiful and we laughed a lot and had a piece at my home. So I think fireplace is a magical thing and I collected some variation here for a modern house from the very dark color to the really white.

A dark color make the fire warmer.
Next year all rustic thing will be trendy:)
You need some wood inside the house, they need to dry perfectly.
I like the cold white together with the warm gold yellow fire.
I found a fireplace in the garden. Not sure what is the idea, maybe they bake something in it:) If you have any, please share with me.

I hope the new year find you in a warm home!

Monday 26 December 2016

Jar and Glass as a Christmas Decoration

Dear Reader,

Do you have a white Christmas? I was a child and I was so lucky almost every year we had a white Christmas with a beautiful layer of snow. The lakes were frozen and I could skate with my dad.

Nowadays many Christmas called black, no snow just grey and cold everywhere. If we want Christmas feeling, we have to changed our home, bring a little miracle there, light many candle and build a tiny part of snowy village.

One of my favorite trend was this year using a jar or glass as a decoration. I found some idea here:

Just fill the inside things you have at home, bring little snow effect with trees and old car:

candle, star and deer an a little piece of real pine:


just use light and feather (unusual and looks great):

little green with stars:

I just put a Santa with lights:

I ope you celebrate with your family!!! Enjoy the holiday!