Friday 28 June 2013

Friday Night Outfit

Rainy side of the life ....

Dear Readers,

it's summer - this is a good news, over the exams, school almost finished (one more week and vacation)
BUT  it's raining and raining and it was rain yesterday and it will be rain tomorrow.....

First you need a gorgeous dress by MAStreetWear. I would choose the black one, because of my dark mood and cheer up with red accessories. The decision is yours:)
I guess I need an umbrella, a real huge and happy piece from Strazor.
I shiny enamel earrings by GarnetRoses and a unique ceramic heart with leather necklace by Ceraminic.
Just in case a beautiful and warm knitted lace shawl by KnittyStories.

Look what I found, a gorgeous shoes:

You can find more United Nude desing shoes and accessories for women and men.

Good Bye with a card,


PS: See more outfit here.

Friday 21 June 2013

Friday Night Outfit

Dear Reader,

Sunshine and rain, sunshine and rain here every day. This is my fresh outfit for tonight:

Upcycled women dress by cutrag
Rustic daisy ring by damsontreepottery
White flower ceramic stud earrings by LemoneRouge
Green wire wrapped pendant byVeraNasfa

Go by bike like this
''This bike is a hydrogen fuel-cell powered bike, providing much more range over electric bikes.
It has a range of up to 100km, and has a top speed of about 25kph.''

Have fun!

Sunday 16 June 2013

Carrot and Coriander

Dear Readers,
I have a little spice garden with a big bunch of coriander. My lovely ceramic cat takes care of it:) Here you go:

First I mixed the coriander with fresh salads and I fall in love with it. The taste is something special for me. I looked for recipes and tried a very easy carrot cream soup here.  If you don't understand the language, I'll help:

You need 3 spoon olive oil
cook together with carrot just a couple of minutes
put a bouillon cube
and water and cooking 2o minutes.
Take coriander into it
and cook 5 more minutes, after mix it
at last poor a little box of cooking cream
cook all together a little bit and the soup is ready.

Bon Appetite!

You may need my cute spoon rest to keep your kitchen cleaner:


Saturday 15 June 2013

Fresh Industrial Design

Dear Readers,

Today I would like to show you some fresh design. Not clothes or accessories as usual, something else you can pop up your home with it. This is more then a cute decoration, Wikipadia says:
Industrial Design is the use of both applied art and applied science to improve the aesthetics, ergonomics, functionality, and/or usability of a product, and it may also be used to improve the product's marketability and even production. The role of an industrial designer is to create and execute design solutions for problems of form, usability, physical ergonomics, marketing, brand development, and sales.[2]

Furniture renderings by Brian Garret

Feature Design by Tuvie
(if you did not figure out yet, this is a road cleaner bike:)

Some finds from Etsy

Desk clock made from a 3 1/2 inch floppy disk drive by ReComputing
Pope Pipe Industrial Lamp with Tungsten Tubular Bulb and Neon Green Yellow Cord byEarthSeaWarrior
Original Crumpled Bottle Lamp with Flame Candle by BOTTLESART
Green arrow industrial sign by HitandMissLimited

Have a fresh Day all of you!

Friday 14 June 2013

Friday Night Outfit

Friday again!!!! Ohhh, my favorite day:)

Summer knit sweeter by Solandia
Sweet birds dangle earrings by serpilguneysu
Flower ceramic ring by Ceraminic
Didi grey leather pumps by MichalMiller

I love get ready for the party but the time is alwasy running. Honestly I have serous problem with it. A very useful help soviet union vintage metal mechanical clock. Try not to be late!!

 Have a gorgeous Friday nigh!!!

PS: You may not a grey lovers, check out more fashion ideas here.