Thursday 26 January 2017

Nature Inspired

Dear Readers,

Sometimes I'm unsure is it the correct direction. I can continue my way or I have to change things.
I had to realize my blog is full with different topics. I'm still thinking I can show home decor, as my main profile and show special ideas here, on my blog. However I should focus more to my ceramics, what I do every day, what cause me and my customers happiness.
So this is my first clear post. this year.  I started a new line, nature inspired jewelries and accessories. My first rings and hair pins in warm color with leaves and flowers.

My ceramic jewelries at Ceraminic.
You can find more beautiful flowers here.

Have a great day!

Monday 23 January 2017

Dream Dressing Room

 Dear Reader,

Today I have a guest blogger, Krisztina, who writes about her dream dressing room.

"I've always been satisfied with the closet space I have in my current home. Gratitude attract more good, therefore being grateful is better than wishing for more than what you have. But of course, a little dreaming never hurt anybody. When I think about dreaming, I immediately think about the law of attraction. Therefore, dreaming and visualization opens up space and an opportunity in your life to receive what you desire to have.

If I were to imagine my dream dressing room, it would be spacious and of course, well lit. I do tend to dream big, but when it comes to my dream closet space, I would prefer it to not be excessively large because I wouldn't want it to make me feel overwhelmed when entering it, but rather, at peace. I imagine myself opening the doors to my closet in the morning and having a variety of style options to wear for the day, but not in excess, where the overload of clothes,shoes, and accessories would leave me standing there trying to decide on out outfit for twenty minutes. I  want to be able to pick out an outfit whether for a casual running errands day or a fancy evening out in less than five minutes. Therefore, if I imagine the overall look of my dream closet, it would definitely be a simple wall of neutral coloured clothes (aka a capsule wardrobe where every piece of item matches.) In my dream dressing room, harmony can be created by having a simple interior space for all the clothes and shows, where the hangers and storage space themselves do not take away from the aesthetic of my colour coordinated organisation of clothes.

The idea of a capsule wardrobe is intriguing to me because it ensures that all my clothes in the closet would fit comfortably and would be easy to mix and match with other item of clothing. I also believe that fashion doesn't have to be cruel, so I while I would aim for quality clothing, I would stay away from real leather pieces. Faux leather is way better (and cheaper) anyways! However, I wish to stay away from purchasing fast fashion items because I do not support the industry that deploys child labor and environmentally inconsiderate practices. While high fashion can get expensive, I would still prefer one quality piece of clothing over ten fast fashion ones. I stand by supporting designers because fashion is a form of art and designers let me express my own creative vision through the clothes I wear."

I hope you like a little home design trip, the pictures are from my board.
You can find more ideas here, just you never have to say

Have a good day!

Monday 16 January 2017

Street Art

Dear Reader,

 I love art, visiting museums, exhibitions. There is a special calm and I always fill up with positive energy. Nowadays you do not need to go so far, you can find art on the street too. Street art is visual art created in public locations, usually unsanctioned artwork executed outside of the context of traditional art venues.
This post will be a little bit personal:) So last summer we could spent some time with my daughter and she showed us her favorite street and I made many photos:)

My daughter with this iconic wings:

 It was a very special day, I met one of my Etsy friend, Ellen, she is amazing knitter, owner of the Chilly Dog 

and my husband:

Summer is far away but memories are always nice. I collected some street art at my Pinterest board and I found them fantastic!


Unique combination with greens:

Have a great day!