Monday 15 April 2013

Monday Moodboard

Hello warm weather! I am happy to finally be able to go outside and read a book in the nature.

Chain Necklace - FUDUMUDU
Felted Bird Brooch - AgnesFelt
Pomegranate Earrings - LeeMarina
London Iphone Case - lixhewettphotography
Mosaic Fruit Bowl - SirliMosaic

Friday 12 April 2013

Friday Night Outfit

A little black dress with bright color accessories. Go out tonight!

black dress by AngieandWes
pink shoes by AVCustomdesignsandmo
pink flower ceramic earrings Ceraminic
necklace vadjutka

This is my idea but you can find more outfit here.

Have a great PARTY!!!

Monday 8 April 2013

Monday Moodboard

Hello again my great readers,
The days are getting longer, we are getting more sun, flowers are blossoming and we can finally spend time outside in our garden.
Open all your windows to let in the fresh and the sun shine through your room and enjoy this week's monday moodboard.

Scented Sachets Home Decor - MyHouseOfDreams
Spring Flower Earrings - VeraNasfa
Statement Shell NEcklace - DreamsFactory
Personalized Owl Pillow - Customquiltsbyeva
White Flower and Pearl Earrings - ZsBcreations

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Thursday 4 April 2013


Good Morning Dear Readers,

Fresh spring is coming and I am hungry for fresh ideas. I'm not really a morning person, usually I make and paint my ceramics in the evenings, but I do love to start my day by searching on the Internet.... and I found some tips how you can use Fb for your business and some useful statistics about social medias here:
The surprise was that for me, Thursday is 1o% better than other days, at least for a blog contest the interaction is 1o% higher.

My little contest - What do you want to cook today?

 A) Carrot Broccoli Soup

B)  Prosciuto-Wraped Asparagus:

Some serving tips:

Fresh spring soup bowl
Rustic Primitive Soup Bowl
Soup bowl and Latte mug

Motto of the Day from Ceraminic:

Have a fresh spring day!!!

Monday 1 April 2013

Monday Moodboard

Happy Easter!!
The Easter bunny sure brought a lot of chocolate eggs this year. Hope you are all having a wonderful Easter this year!

Orange Baby Sweater - ATLASKNITSHOP
Felted Strawberry Key Chain - TaniaSh
Wooden Dice Earrings - PocketsOfArt
Elephant Silver Painting - NikaGalleryArt
Colourful Rainbow Bracelet - missbabacilu

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