Monday 1 August 2016

Japanese Buttons

Dear Reader,

A couple of years ago I started to make ceramics buttons. I love working with tiny pieces, painting delicate details. Honestly my buttons are really simple compare with these Japanese beauty.
Can you imagine, this beautiful women face is a button size painting? 1850s Japanese Satsuma button.

A little history: Wikipedia says "Satsuma ware is a style of Japanese earthenware originally from the Satsuma region of what is today southern Kyūshū. The original plain dark clay early Satsuma made in Satsuma from around 1600, and the elaborately decorated export Satsuma ivory-bodied pieces which began to be produced in the nineteenth century in various Japanese cities.
From around 1800, brocade painted decoration began to flourish, including a palette of "delicate iron-red, a glossy blue, a bluish green, a soft purple black, and a yellow very sparingly used. The multi-coloured enamel overglaze and gold were painted on delicate, ivory-bodied pieces with a finely crackled transparent glaze.

The mid-1880s saw the beginning of an export slump for many Japanese goods, including Satsuma ware. The response of critics and collectors to mass-produced Satsuma ware was and is overwhelmingly negative." 

You can find more Japanese and other style beauties at my Bord.

Have a great day!