Thursday 17 November 2016

Golden Christmas

Dear Reader,

When I put together my new Christmas collection, I continue the lace ornament line, I have some new retro style pieces and something new. A luxury, shiny real gold and white collection. All are a little bit different, hand painted with 18 karat gold decor. Most of the time I used the elegant porcelain base but some is made from white clay and painted with Snow White glaze. No visible different at the end:)

(You can see all original here.)

I think shiny gold is perfect for
You can use it in the kitchen:

in the living room:
wrap up:

Makes your evening warmer:

what about baking?

I always wanted to find a good reason to use gold spray:

houses and trees:

on your tree:

Wish you all warm days!


  1. White and gold makes for a very chic and glassy Christmas!

  2. White and gold is very minimalist. I love it!

  3. I am very much into gold too this year...your ornaments are gorgeous!

  4. Great ideas. I am going for white and gold with my home decor this year too (after 10 years of red and natural straw).

  5. I love these colors. I am inspired now for this Christmas.

  6. White and gold looks so stylish and elegant!

  7. Fabulous pictures and your ornaments look great!

  8. Every single photo is so wonderful. Gold is an amazing color for Christmas!