Monday 16 January 2017

Street Art

Dear Reader,

 I love art, visiting museums, exhibitions. There is a special calm and I always fill up with positive energy. Nowadays you do not need to go so far, you can find art on the street too. Street art is visual art created in public locations, usually unsanctioned artwork executed outside of the context of traditional art venues.
This post will be a little bit personal:) So last summer we could spent some time with my daughter and she showed us her favorite street and I made many photos:)

My daughter with this iconic wings:

 It was a very special day, I met one of my Etsy friend, Ellen, she is amazing knitter, owner of the Chilly Dog 

and my husband:

Summer is far away but memories are always nice. I collected some street art at my Pinterest board and I found them fantastic!


Unique combination with greens:

Have a great day!


  1. I love street art so much! There are great examples of street art in Berlin, and the Pow!Pow! Collective organizes street art in various cities on a regular basis, you should check them out!
    For street artist, OS Gemeos is a huge one and I quite like Okudart.

  2. i love street art too! I used to take so many pictures in Paris with hubby! Your selection is great. I love the last one, so cute!

  3. Wonderful street art! The one with your daughter and the wings is great! And those stairs look good too!

  4. When done nicely, street art makes the streets so much more interesting and colorful!

  5. That last one really looks beautiful to me! I love your family, your daughter is gorgeous!

  6. great street art, really love it, also have a huge pinterest board myself! lol! :)

  7. Street art is great. And you have lovely family.

  8. Hey, look! That's me in your post. I had so much fun meeting you and your family face to face. It was an such an amazing day!

  9. The street art is fabulous!! It's so creative!!

    How fun to see Ellen here!!

  10. What a fun way to view art on your travels!