Monday 18 July 2016

Black and White Stripes

Dear Reader,

Home decoration a little bit different way. Black and white is a great combination, we use often. The Free dictionary says: a very clear choice that causes no confusion. If you want something stronger use thick stripes.

A very elegant interior combine with gold.

It's enough to use only a small part of the house.

It looks great in the garden too:

You can add a new coat for your furniture:

If you like this style but think it is too wide in your home you, light your mood with these:
These pictures are from my Pinterest Home Decor Bord

Happy black and white day! (red is gorgeous with it)


  1. I love the striking and timeless combo of black and white!

  2. Oh, I like stripes everywhere :) specialy in clothes.

  3. such fun stripes! reminds me of alice in wonderland :)

  4. WOW, fantastic, all is beautiful but I like the striped table the most.