Thursday 28 July 2016

Kaffe Fasset

Dear Reader,

I love to make quilt and I have heard this name first in this context.

What we have to know about him:
"Kaffe Fassett was born in San Francisco in 1937. Kaffe started as a fine artist, winning a scholarship to study at The Boston Museum of Fine Arts School when he was nineteen. He left after three months to paint in London, and he still continues to exhibit his paintings. After settling in England in 1964, his passion for colour led him to knitting and designing knitwear for Missoni and Bill Gibb amongst others, and his hand-knitted garments are now in museum collections all over the world. He later took up needlepoint and patchwork, creating both his own works and designs for others to make. " You can read more about him here.

His influence touched not only the fabrics and knitting, we find it in needlepoint art:

in mosaic

The color mix is deep and powerful

If you like the style, check out my board.

Have a happy colorful day!


  1. such an incredible explosion of colors! thanks for sharing this artist!

  2. I had never heard of him and yet his style is so familiar! Love it!

  3. Love the chair :) Gorgeous color combinations!

  4. Kaffe, a color master!! great post!

  5. wow, beautiful, I love to make quilts too .