Monday 4 July 2016

DIY Ideas

Dear Readers,

Summer, sunshine, good weather, flowers and holiday. Everything is so inspiring. Holiday plan is done, school is over and actually we want to do something we have never did before. We would like something new, a special feeling something is changing. The solution is DIY and changed your environment, your house, your garden without spending huge amount of money. You can do it together with your kids, family and friends, if you want. I show you some example, what I found on pinterest.

You can use your old windows and doors:

Dutch love biking.  Everybody has at least one or more. What can we do with the old bikes?

If you have no windows, either old bikes at home, do not worry. I'm sure you have some spoons:

 These pictures are from Pinterest,

I hope you already started thinking about it. I wish you a great time for making something fresh! Do not forget: