Wednesday 13 July 2016

Hidden Vases

Dear Readers,

I started using Facebook regularly and I had to realize, this is a pink cloud for me. It may weird but I can explain. I'm very happy to know more about my friends, check the happy vacation photos, watching kids growing fast ...etc. When I going to my friend to say a compliment: I saw your pics on Fb, you had a lovely vacation ...  and her answer, "Yep, the first week was great and after she had a surgery"....
People are very proud of the kids result in school (never saw post like this "little Franco failed in Math":). I'm a proud mom too. Last year I made a collage (you have heard perfectly - I did not post a simple photo, made more collage and kids chose what is "the less wrong one") about my elder daughter's graduation ceremony. There is a new feature, Watch your memories 1 Year before, 2 Years before.... sometimes I just could not resist and push the button and I reposted my last year collage. What's wrong with people? I started get the compliments again....anyway my conclusion is, this side is really good to HIDE your life.

Baaaaang... and I got the inspiration: we can hide our simple things too.

Look at these beautiful pictures:

You can find more pics here!

Do not think only the human can hide itself and things, cats are really clever too:)

Have a great day! If you have HIDINGS idea, please share with me!


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