Wednesday 27 July 2016


Dear Reader,

I present today a relaxing collection in white and green by Anna from Ylleanna
Nowadays our word is not a peaceful place, so many tragedy happened this summer but we still have a hope people can live in peace.


Peace typography, peace print, peace poster, inspirational nursery print, peace quote, floral nursery print
Round Stones Zen Stones Meditation Stones Balancing Stones Rock Cairn Beach Stones
Bamboo forest shirt japanese print on a semi transparent gray shirt Very light gray shirt 80s (S/M)
Kerosene lantern Hurricane lamp Camping lamp Farmhouse decor Rustic home decor Oil lamp Cottage decor Railroad Lantern Storm Lantern
Green Stay-on baby socks with no ties, wool baby booties, grass green color, newborn, 3-6 month, 6-12 month, 1-1.5 years
White Clay Lotus Glass Vase - Lotus  / Inspired Meditation, Zen, Papercut, Yoga, Home Decor, Bud Vase
White Flower Ceramic  Plate Small Wedding Ring Dish Pottery Decorated with Dots Jewelry Dish Ceramic Pillow Alternative for Wedding
Woodland, Zen, Green, Nature Photography, Nature Photography
White Candle - Soy Candle - Recycled Glass Candle Holder
Dangle Earrings - Spring Stripes - Green and White Fabric Covered Buttons Earrings, Yellow Czech Glass Beads, Romantic Wedding Bride Jewelry
Sea Urchin Ornament Sailor's knot and Tassel - Green and Brass
Upper Arm Cuff, Armlet, Set of two arm bracelets, Simple Armband, Metalwork Wire Bracelet, Minimal Women Jewellery
Still Life Photography Beach Pebbles Stone Rock Gray Black White Zen Print
Ceramic Mandala Pendant, Green, Unique Gift, Zen, Boho, Gift for Her, Ceramics, Mandalas, Unique Jewelry, Ceramic Jewelry
Natural Green Tea Perfume Oil, Green Tea Fragrance Oil, Green Tea Scent, Green Tea Oil, Zen Fragrance Oil, Lotions and Potions
Modern Zen Montana Agate Silver Ring Black White Dome Shaped Natural Gemstone Slice Inspirational Statement Band Wide Shank - Cloud Temple

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Have a peaceful day!


  1. Awesome collection! Thank you so much for including my cuff bracelets!

  2. What a beautiful collection! Thank you so much Anna and Ildi! ♥

  3. Brilliant collection! Many thanks for including our vase.

  4. Ildi, thank you so much for featuring my Treasury!