Monday 25 July 2016

Useful Kitchen Gadgets

Dear Reader,

I found some colorful kitchen tools. I love little things, especially if they make my life easier in the kitchen. Today I focus to the preparing phase of the cooking:

Bell pepper corer (good for tomato too)
 A different shape for jalapeno

2 in 1  melon slicer and scooper

 5 blade herb scissor

The quick way to eat pineapple:

For strawberries:

You can fin more kitchen tools in my Pinterest Bord
The pink minimal cermaic plate is a part of the Ceraminic plate collection

Enjoy your time in the kitchen!


  1. I am a sucker for that type of things...I have those herb scissors already :D

  2. These are really helpful kitchen tools, my favorites are the melon slicer and scooper :-)

  3. haha, such fun and cool kitchen tools!
    (btw. you forgot an "e" in the "useful" of your title :))

  4. Awesome stuff, useful and cool :)

  5. The herb scissor love the most ♥