Thursday 7 July 2016

Glass Decor

Dear Reader,

I'm still in a home decoration mode. Light, transparent and beautiful. I have some great idea with glass vases and bottles, something unusual. You can put different color flowers every week to reach a different atmosphere.

You can use bulbs too

A simple idea with sea glasses. Collect some in the holiday and make them a beautiful decoration after. If you have less time or you just want it tomorrow, just buy on Etsy

I may like the best combine glass with wood:

These ideas and more you find here.

Last weekend I visited an organic Farm, de Wenteling. When I stepped the first thing I saw a fresh flower bouquet. It is simple and beautiful, isn't it?

 Have a fresh day!


  1. Very beautiful pictures! Perfect for a summer day!

  2. I love glass vases, lovely ideas!!

  3. Perfect summer pics. I love the first two ideas most. And the bouquet is lovely.

  4. Beautiful ideas! Thank you for sharing them!

  5. such beautiful ideas! I love the natural look and feel of these :)